Life is quite dynamic in nature and the facet of change is the only constant thing in life. With the changing times, we keep on evolving as it is the basic human nature and it is all for our betterment and well-being. And why not, the aspect of change that is good and quite beneficial for us, we will surely embrace with the open arms. And the same cycle is applicable to our food habits as well, as for a certain period of time; we have been ignoring our health by consuming the culinary cuisines including the desserts that are not very good for our health. But with the growing awareness and evolvement, we select the desserts and other food items that are fresh, healthy, and delicious in nature.   

In continuation to the above discussion, the topic of food is incomplete without the mention of chocolates as they are one of the most favorite desserts of one and all and we just love to binge on them at any given time of the day and when there are factors such as freshness, hygiene, and scrumptiousness attached to them, we just cannot ask for anything more. And the latest trend that is making all the sweet lovers soak in the realms of fresh taste, texture, and lusciousness is the trend of giving in to the sweet and delectable pleasures of handmade and hand painted confections as they are totally free from the harmful preservatives and come in the varieties such as Custom Chocolate Truffles, Custom Chocolate Shapes, and Custom Chocolate Squares, amongst others satiating the sweet tooth of the authentic chocolate lovers, like no other.

Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani offer the unique and special range of handmade chocolates in the city of Houston and all over the USA that is freshly made and baked.