Whenever we come to think about chocolates, the vision that embraces our minds is the rich brown creamy texture that melts in our mouth with its delectable taste and finesse. And we are not be blamed completely as we have literally grown up looking at the television commercials showcasing the models and celebrities binging on the dark cocoa chocolates and hardly any brand highlights the existence of white chocolates. Though they are not everybody’s favorite owing to their mild taste that develops and grows slowly and gradually on one, but quite many chefs around the world are coming up with the unique recipes of the White Chocolate Ganache that is used to glaze and as an integral ingredient for truffles, bars, bonbons, and the host of other chocolate selections and this new white ingredient is slowly and steadily joining the list of the dessert menus.  

Apart from the glazing, the White Chocolate Truffle Ganache is an excellent filling of the truffle and trust me, the chocolate lovers and fanatics love the final product owing to its uniqueness and novelty. And if the white chocolate truffles are handmade in nature than the taste and scrumptiousness is on another level altogether as handmade ones are freshly baked plus they come with the variety of flavor options, right from the fruit purees to the mix of house ground spices. Like the caviar and wine or cheese and wine are the perfect combinations for the dinner dates and high-end social gatherings, white chocolate truffles with champagne works as an excellent combination because champagne comes with a delicate flavor and needs a milder version of chocolate to complement it.

Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani in the city of Houston, USA offers a luscious range of White Chocolate Truffles that is sure to win your hearts and taste buds. So go ahead and try on the new dessert combo this season.