There are some facets of our lives that are not only quite integral but we literally cannot live without them and they slowly and steadily become an essential or staple for us. And if we come to think and ponder of such facets, scrumptious food and dessert will always top the list and the sweets and desserts are that we always need for every event of life, right from celebrating the professional victories at workplace to binging on the same with our friends and the special occasions such as weddings and other such events. We all have a huge list of our favorite chocolate brands that are preferred by us over the years and whenever we visit the local grocery store, our minds and eyes look for that section only.  

To enlighten all the readers, we love to share the handmade and artisan chocolates are slowly and steadily becoming the most favorite chocolate brands by the chocolate fanatics all over the globe as they are not only deliciously tasty in nature but come with loads of health benefits such as being free from the preservatives that are present in the packaged chocolates plus are high on the levels of vital minerals and antioxidant properties and the day is not that far when they will be added to the Best Chocolate in World List. And why not, they are manufactured in the host of options such as truffles, bars, nibs, bonbons, and more along with the facility of customization as per the needs and requirements of our taste buds and the type of occasion.

In the list of Top 10 Luxury Chocolate Brands of the handmade ones, Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani has curated its place in the list as the brand that presents and makes its confections with the ethos of love, passion, and care with the taste of chocolates being absolutely delectable and quality worth applauding.