Spice Infusions Collection 12 Pieces


Product detail:

Ingredients - Black Sesame Ginger: Toasted black sesame praline layered with a dark chocolate ginger ganache 
Cardamom Rose: Creamy white chocolate ganache infused with cardamom and finished with a touch of rose water
Chai Spice: A dark chocolate cup filled with a white chocolate ganache infused with traditional masala chai, or “mixed-spice tea”
Chamomile Vanilla: A sweet, fragrant white chocolate ganache steeped in chamomile flowers, Madagascar vanilla bean, and a hint of French lavender
Chipotle: A dark chocolate infused with a blend of smoky chipotle peppers and adobo sauce
Coconut Curry: Coconut milk ganache with an infusion of turmeric, coriander, cumin, and cayenne.
Five Spice Praline: Hazelnut praline with a blend of spices based on the Chinese philosophy of balancing yin and yang in your taste buds
Garam Masala Pistachio: Dark chocolate ganache with cloves, cinnamon, black 
pepper, cardamom, cumin, and bay leaves paired with a layer of pistachio gianduja
Pineapple Fennel: Flavorful fruity caramel steeped in fennel seeds and finished off with pineapple puree
Szechuan Peppercorn: An unexpected spicy-salty infusion of freshly ground Szechuan peppercorns in a milk chocolate ganache

Cardamom Truffle: 64% Manjari chocolate infused with freshly ground cardamom 

What's Inside

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