Chocolate Pinata Cake, 40 Pieces


Product detail:

Our custom designed C&C Chocolate Piñata Cake, a decorated chocolate shell made with dark, milk, or white chocolate, are filled with our artisanal chocolates. Next time, don’t worry about cutting the cake, have fun with your birthday cake, or enjoy a piñata wedding cake and smash into the chocolate piñata to reveal your chocolate goodies! The Piñata Chocolate Cake will include 40 pieces of assorted chocolates, and a wooden mallet for smashing purposes.


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Our luxury artisan chocolates have been prominently featured in Vogue, Food Network, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune among many others. Cacao & Cardamom has been recognized by the International Chocolate Awards in 2019 winning 9 awards, including awards for innovation and gastronomy in chocolate.



We are re-defining the world of chocolate with luxurious gifts handcrafted in Houston, TX. We combine whimsical flavors with classical French techniques to create a truly unique experience with every chocolate bon-bon. Making each bite memorable making our chocolate gift boxes the perfect gift.

Coming from a South-Asian background, the smell of cardamom, cumin, coriander, and fennel were spices that flowed through the house of our Chocolatier, but were rarely appreciated until Annie began to explore the intricacies of food in college. During her time at Boston University, she studied abroad in London and Amman with stops in Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, and China. During her travels around the world, she gained a special appreciation for food and began her love affair with the culinary arts.