Exotic Fruit Collection


Product detail:

Love chocolate dipped strawberries? We're taking the flavor combinations of fruit and chocolate to the next level! Using Guava, Mango, Passionfruit, Tamarind, Blueberry, Lychee, and Pineapple--we've created an incredible fruit & chocolate selection for you to enjoy, or share...we won't judge you either way!

Ingredients - The Exotic Fruit Collection includes:
Mango Caramel: A tangy caramel with mango, passionfruit, and coconut milk, enrobed in a 38% milk chocolate
Guava Tamarind: Fruity, tropical combination of guava puree, tangy tamarind, and white chocolate
Passionfruit: Tart passionfruit shines in this white chocolate ganache with the bright passionfruit puree
Balsamic PB&J: A peanut butter milk chocolate gianduja layered with a strawberry balsamic butter ganache, creating our own twist to the classic PB&J
Lychee Basil: A delicate lychee pate de fruit brightened with sweet basil in a milk chocolate ganache
Blueberry Lime: Blueberry puree blended with a 34% white chocolate and steeped in lime zest for a fruity, refreshing bite
Pineapple Fennel: Flavorful fruity caramel steeped in fennel seeds and finished off with pineapple puree

What's Inside

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