bars from around the world

Marou Chocolate

Origin: Vietnam

About: When two Frenchmen, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou met in Vietnam, they discovered a mutual love of the country and a passion for the local cocoa beans. Marou source their beans from five provinces across Vietnam. For their core range, they have chosen a different cocoa percentage for the bars from each region, from the TiềnGiang 70% up to the BếnTre 78%. Each region has its own distinctive flavour notes, and Marou have chosen recipes that enhance their unique qualities.

Cacao Sampaka

Origin: Spain

About: Cacao Sampaka’s inclusion bars are the brainchild of Albert Adrià of elBulli. One bite of the gin & tonic bar will exhibit the crunch of ice, the bitterness of quinine, the floral bouquet of citrus, and even a hint of effervescence—all in a milk chocolate bar. It’s pure genius! For classics such as sea salt dark chocolate or chocolate with hot peppers, Cacao Sampaka bars are definitely one of our best sellers.

Manoa Chocolate

Origin: Hawaii

About: Manoa (meaning thick or solid in the Hawaiian language) is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, set up in 2010 by Dylan Butterbaugh and fiancé Tamara Armstrong, and based in Kailua, Hawaii (the only state in the US where cacao is grown). For their bars, Cacao is sourced both locally and across the globe. Inclusions such as lavender, coffee, and ghost peppers are all acquired from nearby islands.

Danta Chocolate

Origin: Guatemala

About: Derived from the Mayan ruins of its ancestors, this cacao comes from a culture that is important to its creation. This kind of cacao was able to project Euro market preference & pricing with a nod to indigenous groves and history from which it came; a country whose current economy can barely afford either. As such, Carlos Eichenberger and his enterprise Danta Chocolate stand in the vanguard of a production chain movement, creating an indulgent product which kept value-added profits to those responsible for creating it.

Antica Dulceria Bonjuto Chocolate

Origin: Sicily

About: Founded in 1880 by Francesco Bonajuto who had learned the art of pastry making by his father. It went on to win a gold medal for its confections at an exhibition in Rome in the early 20th century. A hundred years later, the wooden-panelled shop still makes heavenly award-winning cinnamon, vanilla and chili chocolate in true Aztec style.

El Ceibo

Origin: Bolivia

About: The El Ceibo co-operative is located in the Alto Beni region of northeast Bolivia. The area was colonized in the 1960's and colonists were given small farms, but had to join a government-run cooperative. After the cooperative went bankrupt the cocoa farmers were left without resources to market or transport their products. As a result, farmers turned to intermediaries and received low prices for their products because they lacked the knowledge of the market. In the 1970's farmers organized into their own cooperatives, and in 1977 many of them united to form El Ceibo. Together they were able to maximize their marketing power and begin to see higher prices for their products. In 1997 El Ceibo was certified for fair trade. Today, El Ceibo continues to work toward the goal of improving the living conditions for its members and increasing crop diversity and productivity.

Guido Gobino

Origin: Italy

About: Gianduja was first created in Turin in 1865, and the iconic blend of chocolate and hazelnuts is just as popular now as it has ever been. We spent months researching and tasting different brands to ensure we select only the finest gianduja, and we have done just that. Guido Gobino's process is unparalleled in their process; the cacao is roasted and processed on-site using a method created in conjunction with the University of Turin and only the finest IGP Roman hazelnuts are pulverized for this decadent treat.

Artisan du Chocolate

Origin: Britain

About: Artisan du chocolat, founded by Irishman Gerard Coleman has earned its stripes amongst the finest chocolates in the world. Artisan du chocolat sources its ingredients with pride, searching for like-minded growers and artisans who respect what nature gave them. AdC experiments with new recipes, playing notes from their library of cacaos with the humming of flowers, herbs, spices, fruits and nuts to create a harmony that makes your taste buds sing.

The Original Beans

Origin: Netherlands

About: Original Beans’ motivations are clear from the moment you pick up a bar. Their motto “One bar: one tree” is proudly printed on the attractive recycled box, which also carries a unique code that you can enter on their website to find out exactly where your chocolate came from. Founder Philipp Kauffmann is passionate about the rainforest. As a conservationist for the WWF, entrepreneur and chocolate maker, sustainability is central to everything he does.

Valrhona Estate

Origin: France

About: The Single Estate Chocolates are harvested annually from a unique plantation featuring some of the rarest and most aromatic beans on the planet, and cultivated with the grower’s passion. The fact that they are produced in limited quantities makes them all the more precious. The history of each Estate distills the chocolates' unique and distinctive aromatic profiles, offering consumers the chance to discover, through the Vintages, new sides to chocolate’s personality.


Origin: Madagascar

About: Cocoa grower Bertil Åkesson’s father was a Swedish diplomat in Paris before starting a trading company and traveling the world. The family eventually settled in Madagascar in the 1970s and took over plantations on the island. Today, these plantations are managed by Bertil himself. Located in North West Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley.

OmNom Chocolate

Origin: Iceland

About: Omnom’s mission is to make the best chocolate possible with the best beans available. The founders’ passion for making chocolate for the lesser served Icelandic palette still shines through in their unique flavour combinations, including hints of fermented milk so often found in this northern nation.

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

Origin: Hungary

About: Based in Budapest and founded by husband and wife team ZsoltSzabad and KatalinCsiszar in 2004, their chocolate bars are moulded to look like a traditional fireplace tile, and beautifully hand-wrapped. Their approach to chocolate-making is a simple but highly effective philosophy of combining local ingredients with lightly roasted cocoa beans and extensive refinement and conching. The result is a wonderfully smooth chocolate that enhances the natural flavours of the beans.

Durci Chocolate

Origin: USA (Lindon, Utah)

About: Steve Durci has been a cacao trader for quite some time and is also the creator of Crio Bru: a brewable cacao drink. With his knowledge and resources, it makes you wonder why he waited so long to become a chocolate maker. His Durci bars are created with some of the rarest cacao on the planet, and are quite distinctive!

Chocolate Naïve

Origin: Lithuania

About: Naive is a big believer in the Slow Food movement- sourcing natural ingredients from local producers wherever possible. Those ethics extend to the cocoa beans it sources from around the world. On each bar, you’ll find the kind of detail that few chocolate makers are willing to share. Not just bean origin, but genetic variety, conch time, and roast level are all shown in a clear, easy-to-follow format.