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Love in Every Bite: The Perfect Valentine's Chocolate Box

Love in Every Bite: The Perfect Valentine's Chocolate Box

Why Valentines Chocolate Means More?
While numerous trends come and go, something about chocolate still makes it widely popular with almost all people in the world, making you want to give your cherished one a Valentines chocolate box. Now a century-old ritual there are plenty of stories of old people, saving the letters of their loved ones in chocolate boxes. Apart from the pretty wrappings, excellent taste, and texture, there are a number of great reasons why Valentine’s Day chocolates are associated with love and care.

Chocolate acts as an Aphrodisiac 

Chocolate is held as an aphrodisiac since the time of the Mayans. Chocolate contains a substance that ignites desire and makes the loved one feel otherworldly. In the olden days, European royalty used to gift their lovers, chocolates that were infused with amber to arouse their senses. Studies also suggest women who consume chocolate tend to have more desire for romance in comparison to women who don’t. Valentines chocolate box is proven to deliver a form of sensual well-being and elevates your mood.

Chocolate is ‘food of the gods’

Chocolate originates from the cocoa tree, also known as ‘Theobroma cacao’ which is Greek for ‘food for the Gods’. While we do agree on this name just on the basis of its taste, ancient Maya civilization considered cacao sacred and connected it to spiritual wellbeing. The Aztecs also used to trade cacao beans as a form of currency for food and drink among the privileged. So if it is indeed a food fit for the Gods, then there cannot be a better gift than Valentine’s Day chocolates for your loved one. 

Chocolate has an emotional effect 

It’s a fact that chocolates have a tremendous physiological and emotional effect on our thinking. Giving Valentines chocolate is not just a symbol of love but it is also given as a means to express happiness, initiate passion, express your regrets and rekindle a friendship, or even just to easily uplift the state of mind that someone is in, since it is a powerful mood enhancer.

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