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  • By Annie Rupani


As the holiday season approaches, you may currently be on a scramble to find the perfect gifts for family and friends; but what better gift is there than good old-fashioned chocolate? Here are a few holiday gifts that your favorite chocoholic will enjoy:

Chocolate Fountain

Is your chocolate-addict one to host parties and get-togethers often? What better gift than a multiple-tier chocolate fountain to please them and their guests? Chocolate fountains tend to hold a few pounds of chocolate, perfect for serving a large group of people.

Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot Set

Another gift perfect for the perfect host/hostess, this chocolate fondue melting pot set is great for the whole family to enjoy. It’s ease of use and small portions will allow family and guests alike to enjoy chocolate fondue, all without the mess. Another great thing about a fondue set: you can have smaller sets personalized!

Chocolate Scented Makeup Bag

A chocolate-scented makeup bag is perfect for a chocoholic who doesn’t want to go overboard on eating chocolate. Whether they use it for makeup or as a pencil case, this sweet-smelling gift will remind them of their undying love for chocolate, without reminding their stomach!

Chocolate Soaps/Perfumes

And speaking of chocolate scents, nothing can make your favorite chocoholic happier than chocolate scented bar soaps and perfumes! These handcrafted items are made with pure ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut, and olive oil. The best part: these scented items are lightly scented, guaranteeing that the tasty smell of chocolate doesn’toverloadthe senses.Just make sure your chocoholicdoesn’t mistake them for real chocolate!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Now this one’s a classic. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with the perfect combination of chocolate and strawberries. You can make your fellow chocoholic feel better, knowing that they’ll be getting a little bit of a healthy treat inside that delicious chocolate morsel. 

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