Inquiries about our Chocolate & Products:

  • How do you color the chocolates?

    The chocolates are colored with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the fat that is in chocolate. We color the cocoa butter, which looks like butter when it’s melted, and use it to paint the molds by hand. Some of the chocolates are hand-painted, some are airbrushed, and some are painted with a paintbrush. We use different techniques of painting to create different effects with the cocoa butter.

  • What is Cardamom?

    Cardamom is a South Asian spice used in a lot of desserts or to flavor rice, tea, or coffee. Cardamom is a pod consisting of an outer shell with little flavor, and tiny inner seeds with intense flavor. Cardamom has a herbal, citrusy character.

  • How do I pronounce Cacao?


  • What is Cacao?

    Cacao is the fruit that chocolate comes from. It grows twenty degrees above and below the equator, and originated in central and south America during the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

  • Where should I store the chocolates? Should I refrigerate them?

    Keep the chocolates in a cool, dark place—any room with AC is fine. Putting the chocolates in the fridge will affect the texture of the ganache, and will cause condensation on the chocolates, which will in turn affect the way they look.

  • How long do the chocolates last?

    From point of production, the chocolates last about 4 weeks. Once they leave the shop, we ask that you eat the chocolates within a week because they have left a controlled environment.

  • Are the chocolates created here?

    All of the chocolate bon-bons and truffles are made in-house, all with natural spices and fruit purees. They are created daily to ensure freshness and quality, as we don’t use any preservatives in the chocolate.

  • Why buy a box if it’s cheaper per piece?

    Because we custom created packaging to ensure the chocolates stay safe and it gives a great presentation for gifting.

  • What’s the difference between Ice Cream and Gelato?

    Gelato has less fat than ice cream because gelato is made with milk, rather than cream. Gelato is also churned slowly so it has a thicker, dense consistency than ice cream which is usually fluffier.

  • Do you make your own gelato?

    We currently have a local manufacturer who creates custom flavors of Gelato for our case. We hope to make it in-house soon.

  • What kind of chocolate do you use to create your bon-bons/truffles?

    We use French chocolate for our bon-bons. (Cacao Barry and Valrhona)

  • Do you have Belgium or Swiss Chocolate?

    We do not carry any Swiss or Belgium Chocolate because we support 20 different chocolate makers from around the world that source their cacao from their own country, and have ethical standards in producing their chocolate from the bean to the bar. We believe that these countries take a lot of care and attention into grooming their cacao therefore resulting in a better quality chocolate bar.

  • How many calories are in your chocolates?

    35-45 calories per chocolate (Except the Five Spice Praline and Garam Masala Pistachio because those are larger pieces)

  • Do you have anything sugar-free, low carb, fat-free, etc?

    We have a 100% cacao chocolate bar from Domori & Artisan du Chocolat, but we don’t carry chocolates with artificial sugars so we do not carry sugar-free chocolates.

Inquiries about 0ur Store:

  • Is this is A chain/franchise?

    No, this is the first location. We are a one-of-a-kind, local, small business.

  • What kind of Coffee do you use?

    An Italian coffee, Lavazza

  • Do you ship your chocolates? Can you order online?

    Yes, we definitely ship chocolates all over the US. The best way is to place your order online at

  • How often are the chocolates created?

    Chocolates are made daily in our kitchen specifically designed to make chocolate, with the room at 66 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

  • How long have you been open? How long have you been in business?

    We opened our doors on July 4, 2014.