Chocolates Gift Basket

Award winning chocolates with adventurous flavor pairings and a jaw dropping unboxing experience.

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If you are planning on gifting chocolates to your special someone this season and can't decide which chocolate would best suit their taste, take a chill pill we are here to solve your problem. Here are top 10 chocolate gift baskets ideas:

🔹 You can go for classic Swiss chocolates.  Who doesn't like those creamy little pieces that immediately melt in our mouth? It would be the perfect gift box for just anyone.

🔹 If you feel that classic Swiss is too mainstream and you want to do something different then you can go for our customized chocolate boxes.

🔹If that doesn't satisfy your needs then we have another option where you can customize flavours of your choice. Fancy isn't it?

🔹Another way to leaving an everlasting impression on your loved ones is the packaging we have best craftsmen who will make your personalize your packages according to your needs

🔹what could be better than our seasonal boxes? We have a wide range of selection in our season gourmet boxes where everything from candy flavour to packaging is Holiday themed based you can find suitable flavours for every season and the best part is, you can also personalize it by adding cute little notes or logos.

🔹We also have a variety mix where we mix candies of several flavours to please several palates.

🔹you can also customize the variety mix by selecting flavours of your choice. It can be classic Dutch, Swiss and Milk chocolate box.

🔹 You can also book a chocolate bouquet for your loved one and surprise them with an edible bouquet.

🔹We also have Chocolate Truffles for people who like their chocolates more creamy and more chocolatey.

🔹 If you are looking for something rich you can also include dry fruits in your chocolates.