If you are looking for a unique chocolate experience, you have come to the right place. At Cacao & Cardamom we understand the undying love for chocolates perfectly well. There is endless amount of happiness and pleasure that our chocolates have to offer and we take pleasure in serving the taste buds of all confection connoisseurs. See more.

With offerings such as chocolate bars, gourmet chocolate truffles, and bon-bons, we at Cacao & Cardamom specialize in the art of chocolate making.

At Cacao & Cardamom, we are truly passionate about creating delicious and exotic chocolates to suite palates of distinctive varieties. Our aim is to create luscious and sensory-provoking confections through our bon-bons, truffles and other gourmet chocolates for your sweet indulgences.

Our inspiration comes the plethora of ingredients from around the world. Only the finest ingredients are used in our freshly made chocolate b on-bons and truffle. Each piece is made by hand and with lots of love to envelop you in the exquisite world of fine chocolates.

Cacao and Cardamom hopes to create an escape to a delightful place by indulging in our French chocolate truffles, bon-bons, and bars. Our skilled chocolatier can create custom pieces of chocolate art whether you’re looking for a unique gift, cake-topper, wedding favors, a candy bar, or an unforgettable chocolate centerpiece. But chocolate doesn’t always need an occasion. Brighten someone’s day by surprising them with wonderfully delicious gourmet chocolates, that excite their tastebuds.

Our exotic handmade chocolates come in a selected variety in our collection boxes. Our most popular collection, Signature C&C, comes in boxes with 4, 7,8,12 or 16 pieces of pure gourmet chocolate delight. You can also enjoy designing your own box of different flavors and create a variety of your own.

One of our specialties is our custom designed Chocolate Pinata Cake, a decorated chocolate shell made from dark, milk or white chocolate, is filled with the luscious artisanal chocolates that we create. Next time don’t worry about cutting the cake, have fun with your birthday cake and smash into the chocolate to reveal your chocolate goodies.

If you don’t see something that you love or have suggestions for a new ingredient or flavor, we will be happy to get a chance to know your chocolate tastes better. All suggestions and desires for creation of a particular flavor are always welcome. It is our endeavor to raise your chocolate standards by not only giving you the best quality of gourmet confections, but creating a memorable experience through our chocolates. Hide this content.

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Our signature collection of nostalgia-influenced chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolates will transform you into a new world.