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Annie Rupani

Explore the gourmet selection of Artisan Chocolate in Houston from Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani

When we come to discuss the terminology of the word OPTIONS, consciously or subconsciously, it is an essential part of our life dictionary as we love to have more and more options and alternatives for all our favourite things in life. So be it fashion, outing joints or food, the more is always merrier and welcomed with the open heart and mind. What makes us happier and contented is having a huge selection of food items on our platter and especially when it comes to sweets and chocolates, we are elated beaming from ear to ear.

It’s been quite some time that the love affair of our brand Cacao and Cardamom began with chocolates and it has been a constant and consistent endeavour of Annie Rupani to present the wide gourmet selection of Artisan Chocolate to the people of USA to celebrate every big and small occasion of life with the dash of sweetness and succulence.

The Petite Gold Sampler: This signature sampler from our house comprises of chocolates in the variety of mango caramel, passion fruit, and cardamom rose, lavender, and black sesame ginger. The amalgam of exotic spices and fresh fruits make it a perfect pick for the chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Cigars: It works as the best Father’s Day present to your dad as they are finely made with lapsang souchang and a black tea with smoky aroma giving it an exceptional taste that is quite outlandish. We pack it beautifully and aesthetically in a cigar box.

Chocolate Covered Almonds: This is an apt choice for all the nuts lovers as we hand-pan the roasted and caramelized almonds in an intense Manjari chocolate along with the cocoa powder.

Our Chocolate Art is just not confined to the aforementioned assortments, visit our website to pick and order your favourite one.