Making Chocolate Candies with Molds

Award winning chocolates with adventurous flavor pairings and a jaw dropping unboxing experience.

Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani is the renowned brand for Making Chocolate Candies with Molds in Houston, USA.

Options are always better, isn’t it? When we are presented with the options of our favorite things, we cannot ask for anything more. And the similar theory applies to the case of our most liked and loved culinary cuisines right from the everyday meals to the chocolates and other types of desserts. The more options, types, and alternatives we have for the chocolates, the more elated and happier we are as the chocolates are not only the favorite food of the Gods but they are our favorite food as well. And there are so many handmade chocolatiers in the market that come up with the huge variety of flavors, types, and molds of chocolates that keeps us asking for more and more.

We at Cacao and Cardamom by Annie Rupani are the famous brand for Making Chocolate Candy Bars and Making Chocolate Candies in the city of Houston with the immense amount of love, passion, and care satisfying the sweet tooth of our loyal clients in the city of Houston and all over the USA in the sweetest and authentic way. Apart from adhering to the objectives of quality by using the top quality cacao and other vital ingredients to make the candies and other variety of chocolates, we come with the assortment of flavors presenting the wide options and alternatives to pick and choose from. Our series of glitter pumps, classic chocolate high heels, sassy chocolate high heels, petite heart, and exotic fruit collection amongst others are the fast selling items. We curate the flavors and molds as per the event and occasion for which you are ordering the chocolates.

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